Owning a Small Business: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Have A Small Boutique Or Shop And No Online Shopping Options? Get An App And A Marketing Team

If you have a small store or boutique in your local area and you think that you could make a lot of money if you opened up to online orders, you have to make sure that your online marketing is on point. If you don't currently have your own mobile app, social media accounts, and marketing plan, you need one. Here are some of the things that you need to know, so you can lure in the clients that are on their phones throughout the day. Read More 

Helpful Add-Ons Computer Stores Sell

Computer stores sell much more than just computers. They also have a large selection of computer accessories available that can enhance any computer that you purchase. If you are new to owning a computer, there are some exciting accessories you should know about that are a great addition to your computer.  Privacy Screens If you work with sensitive information in an office, or just an environment where you are concerned with the security of your data, then a privacy screen can be a worthwhile peripheral to add to your current computer monitor. Read More 

4 Ways To Help Automated Phone Systems Understand You

If you have ever called a company for tech support or customer service, you likely understand the frustration of speaking with an automated phone system. Although these systems are highly sophisticated, this technology focuses on particular aspects of speech to make logical choices. The variations between voice intensity, speech rhythms, accent strength and word choice make it difficult for the system to choose correctly every time. Thankfully, you can closely mimic the ideal speech patterns to help automated systems understand you better. Read More 

5 Fast Foods That Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Eating at fast food restaurants may not be the best decision for your diet, but there could be some benefits to eating there. Many researchers have found that specific food ingredients can help prevent hearing loss as you get older. While the following food items are best eaten fresh, they can also be easily found on the fast food menu. If you're concerned about your hearing, you can help prevent hearing loss with these nutrients. Read More 

From Talking Cameras To Sleep Trackers—Five Advances That Are Improving Security Cameras

Security cameras are essential if you want to see what's happening in your home, and everyday, technology makes these devices even more effective. Wondering how security cameras are currently being improved? Here is a look at some of the most recent advances: 1. Remote Surveillance with Smartphone App A new generation of security cameras can be hooked up to smartphone apps so that you can view your home from anywhere. You can check in on the nanny while you are on a date night, make sure that no one is in your garage when you get a foreboding feeling at work, or monitor the perimeter of your home while lying in bed with your smartphone. Read More 

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Owning a Small Business: The Benefits of Outsourcing

When I finally made the leap from working for somebody else to setting up my own company, it was plain that I needed help. There wasn't money to hire more than a few employees, so I turned to outsourcing as a way to keep costs low and still get things done. Ten years later, I still outsource some functions because it works so well. My first round focused on IT outsourcing and it turned out to be the perfect way to keep my network up and running. I moved on to outsourcing the payroll, something that kept the taxes in order and ensured my employees were paid on time. If you are thinking of using outsourcing for your small business, let's talk. I'll tell you what to look for in partners, and how to decide if outsourcing a certain function is really in your best interests.