Owning a Small Business: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Three Ways To Get The IT Support You Need, When You Need It

IT support is one of those things that you seemingly need only at certain times. For that reason, it may seem rather pointless (and possibly expensive) to hire full-time or even part-time IT staff. So, how can you get IT support when you need it and not have to have extra staff you do not really need? Here is how.

Hire a Freelancer

Many IT professionals decide to freelance. This ensures that they will always have work and that they are never in danger of being fired. When you need IT support, hire a freelancer, who typically charges by the hour or charges based upon the level of difficulty of your IT problem. When the problem is solved/resolved, it is back to the status quo until you need freelance IT help again.

Hire Tech Support Teams from Tech Retailers

Tech retailers boast this service as a way of assisting non-techy customers with their tech devices. The tech support teams are in-store, but they can often drive to your business or place of work to help iron out the tech issues you are having. Usually, the retailers send one person for the job, but it is possible that two may show up if they suspect that your IT problems are going to require an extra set of hands and an extra IT brain.

Call IT Support Companies

There are also IT support companies that offer help, usually free of charge, to any consumer that has purchased their hardware or software from a particular company. The telephone numbers for support are located on the packaging for software, on the hardware itself, and online for either hardware or software, depending on the company.

You should know that you essentially become your own IT fix-it person, with the support professional on the other end of the phone call talking you through the process. Yet, if you learn to fix this problem over the phone, you can try to fix it again on your own should you encounter the same problem later on.

If You Have Daily IT Issues

If you have daily IT issues, you may want to consider purchasing a remote IT support service. These services act as a daily monitoring service that prevents issues and provides system updates while your business/office is closed. When there is a problem, you can contact this subscription service provider, and get help over the phone and via remote access.

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Owning a Small Business: The Benefits of Outsourcing

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