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5 Fast Foods That Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Eating at fast food restaurants may not be the best decision for your diet, but there could be some benefits to eating there. Many researchers have found that specific food ingredients can help prevent hearing loss as you get older. While the following food items are best eaten fresh, they can also be easily found on the fast food menu.

If you're concerned about your hearing, you can help prevent hearing loss with these nutrients. Along with eating well, having regular appointments with an audiology professional can help give you the best options possible. A wide number of the following items are available at multiple fast food restaurants.

Fish Fillet Sandwiches

Fish alone has several benefits, but the fish sandwich you order will have specific ingredients to help prevent hearing loss. A wide variety of fish contains Omega 3 fats. These fats can work to help prevent hearing loss. One of the main ways that the Omega 3 does this is by improving the circulation of blood through your ear canal. The fats work to strengthen the veins and continue your ear health.

During an audiology appointment, a professional audiologist can often give you details on the blood circulation in your ears and if any problems are present. Fish eaten at least once a week can help give you the proper Omega 3 dosage.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Enjoy the flavors of a fresh breakfast sandwich and stay for the benefits. When enjoying a fast food breakfast sandwich, look for one that uses real eggs and is cooked at the restaurant. These fresh eggs supply plenty of antioxidants to help your body in multiple ways. For the ears specifically, these antioxidants will prevent the damage of nerve tissue in your ear due to old age.

If you're particular about the part of the egg that you eat, it's important to know that the yolk provides the most antioxidants. This means that an egg white breakfast sandwich will not have as many ingredients to help prevent hearing loss.


Stick with a classic fast food choice to help prevent hearing loss. The ground beef used in hamburger is actually filled with a lot of zinc. Zinc helps create DNA and build protein, but is also an essential mineral for protecting ear health. Zinc will keep all the parts in your ears feeling healthy and is a great mineral to have on a daily basis.

When consuming hamburgers, the zinc intake is great, but it's also a good idea to be aware of the fat intake too. Mix exercise with proper eating while consuming hamburgers to stay in peak condition.


Small snacks like yogurt parfaits are great treats and high in magnesium. Instead of just helping prevent age-based hearing loss, magnesium can help reduce the risk of hearing loss due to noise. This means that if you attend a lot of concerts or use headphones often, magnesium can help fight off that hearing loss.

Adding ingredients like bananas and nuts will only increase the amount of magnesium that you ingest with the yogurt parfait.

Sweet Potato Fries

Replace the traditional fast food French fry with some sweet potato fries to really increase the protection for your ear health. Sweet potatoes are filled with potassium. The high potassium count can help control and regulate all the fluid inside of your ear. The motion of fluid is essential for processing sounds, controlling volume, and preventing hearing loss in the future.

Not only do the fries help with ear health, but they are healthier than traditional fries and include a lot of fiber. A variety of fast food chains offer this alternative option.

The next time you stop at a fast food restaurant, consider all the benefits that can come from a single meal. Additionally, make an appointment with an audiologist to learn more ways to prevent hearing loss. If you click here, you will be directed to a hearing clinic's site.

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